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International Powerlifting Organization

setting the standard for

Equipped Powerlifting



The American Powerlifting Committee ( was incorporated in 2003.   

The APC promotes equipped and raw powerlifting, Bench Press only,  Push Pull, and Deadlift only competitions. 

The APC supports two unique international powerlifting federations: 

The Global Powerlifting Alliance ( was formed in 2009 to fulfill the need for a World Organization devoted only to Raw Powerlifting.  It was the first to do so.  The fourth GPA World Powerlifting Championships were held in Tampere, Finland December 5 – 8, 2013.

The International Powerlifting Organization ( was formed in 2012 to provide a format for equipped only lifters.  The first IPO World Powerlifting Championships were held in Athens, Ga., USA October 18 – 20, 2013.

The APC, GPA, and IPO are all similar in rules, lifter classifications, and judging.  The partnership of the three federations has standardized powerlifting to provide a format for all lifters, raw and equipped, with fairness to all worldwide. 

We invite you to join us and further unite the world’s greatest sport POWERLIFTING!

L B Baker


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May 2, 3,4, 2014
Global Powerlifting Alliance (GPA) International Powerlifting Alliance (IPO) 
KIEV, UKRAINE   Entry Form


September 6, 2014
APC Americas Cup Powerlifting Championships, GPA/IPO World qualifier.  Raw and equipped.  Hilton Garden Inn, 895 Cobb Place Boulevard, Kennesaw, Ga. 30144, USA, telephone 678-322-1140.  Hotel code AMCUP for special room rate.  Meet promoter Rober Lovelace 404-217-5914.  email:  

June 21, 22, 2014
APC National Powerlifting Championships. GPA/IPO World Team Qualifier.  Raw and equipped.   Holiday Inn Express, 513 W. Broad St., Athens, Ga. 30601.  Telephone 706-546-8122.  L B Baker 770-713-3080

September 11-14, 2014
IPO World Powerlifting Championships Villa Maria, Corboba, Argentina.  Promoter Leo Cavaglai  email:      INFORMATION AND SCHEDULE


The International Powerlifting Organization is a subsidiary of Irondawg Power, Inc. USA